The Me-Me Fever

I know that all non-bloggers believe that blogging is a hobby of self-consumed bunch of introverts. I, being a blogger for the past six years, disagree. But that is not what we will talk about this morning.

The thought that irks to come out of my caffeine-deprived brain this morning is about posting meme. I post a lot of meme, by the way. Of late, more on my facebook account than here. Regardless of that, I strongly believe that meme (at least the kind that go around on the Internet) are the highest form of self-obsession. So basically, you answer a bunch of questions about yourself – your favorite color, tv show, actor, politician, your dog, your dinner, your ex, must not forget the ex. And other people pretned to read it. I say pretned becaue whenever someone sees a new meme, the first reaction is to answer it himself/herself. Most people read your replies while deleting them from their newly opened notepad file, as they write their own.

We are zealous when it comes to naming our favorite color and beverage. Then, it gives us immense satisfaction to re-read our stupid one liners after we have posted the meme. We come back and check after every ten minutes to see if someone has something to say about our favorite color. “Wow! You like red. I love red too.” or maybe “Red sucks. Its a color of hos. What kind of a person are you?” Only the latter kind usually do not appear on meme, because answering meme is a hobby of mild people like you and me. Meanies usually hang around on message boards.

So although Wordweb defines meme as “A cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation).” I think it will be more appropriate if we take the word literally, Me-Me.


2 Responses to “The Me-Me Fever”

  1. Yes? You think so? I like reading people’s me-mes and analyzing their tastes. After I am done with that, I often feel lazy to write my own meme. But I write because somebody has tagged me and it is impolite to not answer. At yet other times, I genuinely feel like doing the meme.
    So you pretned?!

  2. Unless it is a particularly boring meme, I usually find myself thinking of answers while I read it. And I know it is not only me because when I tag someone who is a meme-enthusiast like me, the person first writes his/her meme and then comments on mine. :p

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