Of Lost Love

It was a moment of utter yearning and irrational ideas.
As the moon rose, he let himself reverie…
“To be with her, I will cross the oceans.
Once I am there, she will see my reasons.” 

He brought down the hammer on his piggybank.
He begged his chief and escaped for a few days.
The paper work took long, and the plane would take longer,
He bribed a couple rogues and they found him ways. 

The plane flew for six thousand and more miles,
It crossed many oceans, and skipped a few seasons.
On a breezy summer afternoon, he set his foot on foreign land.
Tired, he smiled at the thought of holding her tender hand. 

The face that launched a thousand ships was missing from the scene.
He popped some cents into the phone, to find out where she had been.
Her voice was sweet music to his ears as she whispered the ”hello,”
It made him forget all ire and pain, and his own sounded mellow. 

He rode to his motel, ignoring the cabbie’s chirpy chatter,
She’d meet him tonight and nothing else would now matter.
He dressed in class, and picked some flowers, he should not be late.
A table was set besides the ocean waves, where he would now wait.

She came at seven, but she looked like heaven so he did not object.
“I was delayed at work,” she offered with a smile, sweet but insincere.
But he was in love, and like a fool “she came!” was all he could hear.
They dined and wined as she talked of the new life, joys, and the rest. 

As the dusk fell, it dawned on him how far she had moved.
The plane crossed the oceans but she was still so far removed.
He tried to laugh at her tales of new admirers, of which she raved,
He hid his tears, nodded, and smiled though within, his heart ached. 

She’d come tomorrow, if work permits else he should see around.
There was so much to love – the harbor, the mint, and the Chinatown.
“I am here to be with you, not to go around the town,”
Is what he would have said to her, if he had courage abound. 

The day passed in misery and gloom, as he sat besides the sea.
The sun rose and then came down, while she was still gone.
She called at the eve to say he could come over for tea,
Her ma loved the company, so no need for him to be alone. 

Confused, he traversed the alien roads, to reach the little house,
He met the ma, merry and round, and sat down by the bed.
She told him about the nice boy, her girl was soon to wed,
His ashen face she missed to see, her curiosity did not rouse.

He walked out soon and spent the night at the bar,
As morning came, he took the plane, without answering her call.
There was nothing to discuss, he decided as he flew further afar,
He banished every memory of the time he had had it all.  

The thoughts of unspoken promises and unheard words of passion,
They would hound him for days, months, maybe years…
But such was life, he was told, and there was no point to search a reason.
God willing, he may love another some day, and find someone who cares.

© sunshin3girl


One Response to “Of Lost Love”

  1. Nice poem. What inspired you?

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