National Dish of Singapore

Well, it may not be officially the national dish of the island but ask anyone and they’d recommend you the chili crab. It is unbelievable that it took a foodie like me a good ten months to get down to tasting it. But it happened this Friday night. Proof follows.

We dined at Jumbo, one of the two most popular places for chili crab. The other one is Long Island and Singaporeans debate over the best one as the Hyderabadis debate over Paradise vs. Hyderabad House when it comes to biryani.   

Singapore's National Dish

Singapore's National Dish

Sitting by the Singapore River, we were served this 800 grams of male crab (we were warned it would be too less!) with rice bowls and buns (choice of steamed and fried). The chili was lipsmacking delicious but breaking into the crab is a messy job. So messy that they covered our bags with a thick cloth before serving the dish. Heh.

However, I got my first scare when I saw the wepons, okay tools, they provided us to eat the crab with. 

Tools to Eat the National Dish

Tools to Eat the National Dish

But it was a fun experience, although we had a tough time finishing the apparently small portion. Next time, I shall try the pepper crab. Yum.


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