my take on micro-blogging

I have not been updating regularly of late. Of course, we shall blame it on twitter. I have had a Twitter account for almost two years now but it has caught up with me and my buddies recently. No, it is not thanks to Ashton Kutcher or Oprah; it is mostly because of abundance of extremely user-friendly that make tweeting fun and easy. The thing is, currently, I am hooked to Twitter.

Remember early 2000s, when Live Journal was a super hit? The only reason Live Journal was popular than other blogging sites was because of its super hyper mega awesome comments system. Then, some brilliant guy came along and plugged out that comments system and made it a standalone phenomena called Twitter.

So the thing is that often things, sports, movies, books, political event catch my attention and I have a little something to say about them. However, what I have to say is so little that I cannot fit into a post. So, I tweet. What’s more, people tweet back. And I love it. Nevertheless, I do not want to end up being a part of the group who used to blog but now only tweets. A friend was once told by someone – your blog is your Paaro, but Twitter is your Chandramukhi. Funny, yes but sad too. Do not want!

Although, I am a great lover of all things technology and I am addicted to information on my fingertips but I cannot neglect what all this has done to our attention span and numeric memory. You see, we do not need to remember or pay attention to most of the things because we can dig them out anytime. I am sure none of us does this intentionally. I mean, you do not go, “Hey, I have this new generation blackberry, so let me forget my dad’s phone number,” but the fact is that you do end up not remembering the number somehow.

So much so, I can see traces of attention deficiency in this post too. See, how easily I digress? Therefore, I am going to make extra effort to keep on blogging. I may send a hundred tweets about the cricket match between Delhi Dare Devils and Kings IX Punjab tonight but I will also make a post about the fun moment. With that I shall end this memo to self, as Neil Gaiman calls his tweets. :p


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