Another super hot day and I have lots of work. I have a bright yellow gerbera sitting on my desk, thanks to my boss, nonetheless. But I still reminisce about old times. I guess when the mood strikes, it mercilessly decides to stay and make you feel the void that the carefree days have left.

We never thought of those lazy afternoons as anything special back then. They were just another way for us to catch up and talk and spend our Sunday together. We usually did not make any effort of going someplace nice or new; we would be content plopping ourselves on the deeply cushiony red couches in the local café, which used to be a 15-buck-worth-rickshaw-ride away.

We’d plunge ourselves on to the couch, order an Irish coffee and a big cup of Brazilian coffee, maybe some veggie-hotdogs (spare the puns, I am talking about India) to go. Hours would pass while we sat there chatting about the mundane things in our respective lives – work, studies, friends, families, lovers, movies, trends, anything at all. Sometimes we would just sit there quietly sipping our coffee and be perfectly at peace. Those were the blissful moments but I doubt either of us thought so back then.

On the slightly active afternoons, we would make a beeline for the music box in the café and play the song _aawarapan, banjaarapan _ over and over.

Today, our respective lives may be more comfortable, we may have achieved what we fervently discussed in those days, but I miss the simple joys of spending those carefree hours with you.

3 Responses to “Bygones”

  1. Tel me about it. Delhi, month of May, no regular place to go…bad bad combination. Earlier, it used to be the same, but I had you.

    But I did realise back then that those were the moments which I would long for later in life. However, today, that doesnt make me feel any better: the fact that I realised it earlier.
    I miss those moments equally.

  2. The simplicity of these golden chapters never fails to move me, irrespective of whom they belong to. It’s not the same coffee anymore. 😦

  3. sunshin3girl Says:

    You know there was this cheesy song for a B-grade bollywood film _tere sang, simple si coffee bhi kick deti hai_

    Of course, it was a below average song and everything, but those words stuck. 🙂

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