Somewhere in their late teens, most girls learn to believe this one fact about men, which had been told to them a thousand times by their friends, elder sisters, magazines, and agony aunts in the past three years. As soon as you show interest in him, his attention will divert. In the very own words of a man I know well, “All men reach a point in their relationship when they think they can do better.” He also agreed with me that in eight cases out of ten, they cannot. Nevertheless, it is a basic instinct ā€“ they need to check out the other possibilities.

Since I am past the age where one pops pimples and reads about Martians vs. Venusians, I do not intend to talk about men’s false impression of self worth. I want to talk about a much tangible problem that I face often, and somehow reminds me of men’s varying interest and need to find out what they are missing.

Channel surfing.

My husband and I are not really television people. In fact, our television set and our cable connectivity usually are in two different rooms, as the television is used for not playing games only when folks visit. But the IPL made us hook it up to the cable and since parents are visiting soon, we let it stay there. Since that day, I have not watched a single complete program.

Now, it all comes back to me. Back in the dating days, I looked forward to long drives on Delhi roads, while the boy would maneuver through the traffic and I would sit back and relate the whole week’s happenings. Then, he would switch on the radio; and we would make fun of the fillers and un-witty ads. But soon as a song began, he would flip. Flip. Flip. Flip. In search of a better song. But it is not him, that is, it is not my boy in particular. Back again in my single days, I would often try to make family time and sit in my uncle’s TV room. We would chat up for a bit and then we would start watching Indian Idol, soon as my interest found roots, he would switch to check the score. Oh cricket! I am up for it anytime. But then, he would switch to see the slapstick scene from No Entry and then, I would walk away.

It is a disease, this need to check out what is being missed. And it does not get better with age. L


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  1. šŸ™‚
    Why men switch 10 channels in 10 seconds should probably get listed on Unexplained Mysteries šŸ˜‰

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