Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum

I am sure we have all read and greatly enjoyed some of the personal-attack-of-comments that people leave on movie reviews, news, and articles published on the web portals. While searching for the pictures I used in the previous post, I stumbled upon a flickr stream of Aamir Khan’s wedding to Kiran Rao. While it was clear that someone had sneakily taken those pictures, I had a great time going through the comments. While most were from jealous girls who were convinced that their beauty and love for the film star could beat Kiran Rao’s any day, there were some people who did not understand how Aamir Khan could divorce his first wife. But here is one that beat all others hands down.

my name is dedi gurukinayan, i really happy about his marrige but i really dont like if he mariage too much. i know his mariage about three times. in my culture espiacially in karo etnic in indonesia we mariage once in life a lifetime. i only have one girl in my life that i love. amir please dont mariage with a lot of girl. think about it. and i know you a muslim and im a muslim too. but i dont like if you mariage again. and i hope oneday you will be mariage with kajol amin.”

Oh Aamir, you must not marry so much, unless you are marrying Kajol, of course. Oh Internets, how we love you.


2 Responses to “Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum”

  1. Initially I thought its a girl. Halfway through..i realised, its a boy!
    Lol. That was indeed funny.

    On a different note, its neither blackberry, nor iphone. Its sumthn else.

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