|| a harmless cup of coffee ||


His words buzzed in her head, “a harmless cup of coffee!” Was it a question? It had sounded more like a command to her ears and she had followed him, like a toddler follows the candy man. Could she turn back and run? He would not notice immediately, she observed he was walking a step ahead of her, leading as usual. She caught her reflection in the showcase glass of the saree store, and her hand automatically moved to fix her hair. Why? Why was she trying to look good? She determinedly fixed her gaze on the floor. On his shoes. On his lean legs clad in dark blue denims. She had to look elsewhere. The floor again. He stopped and she found herself jerk stopping behind him. “Is this café good for you?” It sounded like a proper question this time, at least in her present heady state, but she could not trust herself with a suitable answer. She nodded. He stared at her, a tad longer than he should have, and then turned to open the glass door. He walked past the crowded tables and gracefully slipped into a chair leaving her to squeeze her way past him to the other chair by the wall. She gathered her dupatta in her lap as she sat down, willing her glass bangles to stop clinking. He ordered for her. She was about to put that act down as audacious behavior when she realized he had ordered right. Of course, they had had coffee hundreds of time before. He knew she liked hot mocha while Nikki always ordered a tall latte. But he never ordered for Nikki, did he? He always asked. The coffee was now sitting on their table. Two steaming hot cups of mocha. Did he always order mocha? She did not remember. How strange? Nikki would remember, of course. She remembered everything about him, his classes, his timings, his favorite color, his favorite dish, and even his cousins’ names! She sat upright all of a sudden, as if a bolt just passed through her body. He was Nikki’s. Nikki was the one who had been obsessing about him for the past four months. She was just their buffer bud, a common friend who’d hang with them so their frequent outings could not be labeled as dates. So what if Nikki had hurt her? They were childhood friends and it definitely was not the first time they had quarreled. But she had also hurt him, what about that? “How about you drink your cold mocha?” his voice was deep, slightly amused. She looked up and stared at his face and then at her cup of coffee gone cold. She cupped it with both her hands, not trusting her fingers alone. “Let’s talk about us.” His resolute voice engulfed her heart like warm fuzz.


2 Responses to “|| a harmless cup of coffee ||”

  1. I enjoyed the little read, do post more :)…was a previous part to this that i missed?

  2. sunshin3girl Says:

    Hee, glad you liked. No, you have not missed anything, this was a vague account, which was supposed to leave you guessing what happened before. :p

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