The Want

Everyone around me is either planning or going on or returning from a vacation this week. It is one of those odd coincidences that ruin your ignorant happiness. For lack of anything more concrete, I am going to list the places I want to visit. Even before I start, I know the list is going to be extremely ambitious but I am not going to set any time limits. Sigh. We’ll do this methodically, ok?


  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Phnom Pehn, Cambodia
  • Goa, India
  • Pondicherry, India
  • Kerala, India
  • Leh, India


  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Cape Town, South Africa


  • Port Royal, Jamaica


  • London, England
  • Paris, France
  • Venice, Italy
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Istanbul, Turkey

Middle East

  • Jerusalem, Israel

North America

  • New York City, USA


  • Auckland, New Zealand

South America

  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

I hope the reader notices how I have left out many amazing places in Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Scotland, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, and so on. Not to forget, there is so much that I have not even heard of. I am trying to not disappoint the future me too much.


6 Responses to “The Want”

  1. barcelonareporter Says:

    ok nice blog i like it .

  2. What does your list of places to go in India looks like?

    • sunshin3girl Says:

      I have been lucky to have traveled some in the East and North of India, so it is now mostly Kerala, Goa, and Leh. However, I would love to go to Mysore, Auli, Amritsar, Kolkotta (was too young to remember my time there), Jodhpur. And any other place where I have not been before. India mein toh kuch bhi chale ga. 🙂

  3. Hehehehe, I have even made a PowerPoint Slideshow with the places I want to visit; and a collage of it for my wallpaper. I look at these and feel happy.

  4. Lovely list, but I realise that there are so many places I havent been valley of flowers trip is still pending 😦
    Leh should be awesome. I have seen some wonderful pics of the place sent by a cousin who visited.

  5. Palaniappan Says:

    Too long a list but a wonderful list. You should join a workplace which gives you oppurtunity to travel places….

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