Shoot Me!

A very quiet September has come to a grand end with the fun-fun race weekend. I had a wonderful time with the husband and a few friends at the Singapore Grand Prix 2009. The final race was exciting and although, we got the cheapest (but still very expensive) tickets, the seats on the final day could not have been better! However, I am not going to talk about the race, but about something I realized during the three nights of the race.

I realized that we are all loosing ourselves to the camera.

F1 Shooter

F1 Shooter

Now, I am a shutterbug. I love photos, I love cameras, I love the memories that stay alive in the pictures. I take pictures every day. Therefore, I am one of the people I am going to talk about in this post. I am a victim, just like you.

So, I entered the race area, my tickets hanging around my neck in a yellow string, camera poised in one hand, and an excited smile fixed on my mug. The Porsche cup was on, and colorful cars zipped past leaving behind a loud hum. There were people everywhere – Chinese, Indian, Singaporeans, Americans, German, Canadians, Japanese, Australians…and each one of them had a camera in their hand. They all went clickity-click-click and most of them did not even know which race was on! For the next three days, I watched thousands of people trying to click pictures of cars that move at the speed of 360 KM/Hour. They were so absorbed in this photo-taking expedition that they had no clue about the actual race – who is leading, how many laps, who crashed – nothing. They all wanted that one brilliant shot that they could put up on Flickr/Facebook/Myspace and show to their friends and family.

People concentrate on taking wonderful pictures during theatrical performances, wedding celebrations, soccer games, and so on. They finally appreciate that gorgeous wedding gown or that perfect penalty kick only while watching the photos.

When did armature photography become a mass hobby? Of course, digital cameras are the biggest catalyst in turning photography into a common man’s hobby. You need to make a onetime investment in a half-decent camera and you can make yourself some amazing photos.

Personally, I let phototaking take precedence over the real time experience when I am alone or not with those with whom I’d like to share the experience. I go camera happy and think about how “so-and-so” would love to see this.


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