Someone Like Her!

When I first saw The Sound of Music, I counted six years before I could sing the song “I am sixteen, going on seventeen,” but I still looked up to Maria – full of life, loving, sincere, and dedicated. I also lurved Eliza Doolittle in both her impish and sassy avatars. Even at the age of ten, I could picture myself as Princess Ann from Roman Holiday. I wanted to grow up and be someone like her!

I am not sure about you in particular, but most of the preteens grow up wanting to be like those wonderfully glamorous people they watch on the silver screen. I for one, sure did. But being an army child, I was only exposed to either war movies with no women in it or the classics like the ones I mentioned above.

My teenage was not half bad either. There were gorgeous, independent, stylish, and slightly confused women portrayed by Julia Roberts in Pretty Women (no, I did not want to be call girl, do not take everything literally. Ok? Ok.) My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Notting Hill, Sandra Bullock in Speed, Winona Ryder in Reality Bites, and Meg Ryan in French Kiss and You’ve Got Mail. Although one can debate on the poor characterization of women in most of these movies, especially the romantic comedies, I still maintain that they were not half bad for a teen-aged girl with stars in her eyes.

But why am I talking about this? No, I am not in a mood to reminisce about my teenage soppiness. In the past couple of days, I have watched a few recent romantic comedies. The first one was Confessions of a Shopaholic and the other He’s Just Not That Into You. And I am deeply disturbed by the portrayal of women in both these films. Yes, the storylines of a romance film always has the girl emotionally confused, which I understand is the actual state of any girl who finds herself in new love. However, the desperation portrayed in the two movies is disgusting. I confess that I have lusted for designer bags and I have also waited around my house for the phone to ring, but never ever was I or any of my friends as insecure, weak, and materialistic as depicted in these films. Now, I understand that are shopaholics or baffled girls in the dating scene, however, I also realize that those are the exceptions not the rule. Now, there is nothing wrong with making a movie about an exception, but hey, at least make it convincing.

I am a fan of romance and therefore, I have a problem with the kind of romances that are being churned out these days. I come across some splendid science fictions, some wonderful dramas, some entertaining sleek action films, but no good romances. And this is mostly because no one pays attention on the characters of these movies. The audience feels no connection at all with the protagonist, and therefore, cannot empathize with her when she is in deep shit. Now, anyone who likes to tell a story should know that when audience relates to the character, they do not relate to the level of having had the exact same problem! You know, I have never had to take care of seven children of a hoity-toity captain, nor have I found myself driving a speeding bus with a bomb on it. But I can still relate to those characters more than the girl who waits around for her date from last night to call her. Although, I have been in the exact situation in real life. But I am not someone like her.

Well, I do not demand every film to be a Before Sunset or a The Bridges of Madison County, but they can try to be a Notting Hill, right? Now if you are still with me and my rambling, tell me, which was your last favorite romantic comedy?


One Response to “Someone Like Her!”

  1. True. The characters are getting increasingly cardboard cut-out-ted also i feel. very, very predictable.

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