The Top Five Chuck Episodes

Things I did this weekend: watched Chuck season one, cooked some scrumptious chicken curry, got myself the cutest pair of laced-shoes, and watched Chuck season one some more. In a nutshell, I watched the entire first season in one weekend.

Now, who wants to guess what is on my mind for today’s post? 🙂

For the uninitiated, Chuck is an American action-comedy about a twenty-something computer geek, who loves Call of Duty, works in a gadget store, and opens a top-secret government file by mistake and it gets zapped into his memory. (Yeah, you need to activate suspension of disbelief but then, I was watching True Blood before this show, so this one was very easy for me.) So coming back to the storyline, now the federal government desperately needs to protect Chuck and use him appropriately for their missions. So, it assigns a super hot CIA and a stuck up NSA agent to protect him. The fun begins. The list will not make much sense to you if you have never seen the show (I’ll do one on Friends for you later), but to me, it is utmost entertaining.

5. Chuck Versus the Tango: This is the one where Chuck gets Captain Awesome to teach him tango because Casey tells him that is what he needs for his first field mission. In the field, however, Chuck almost gets chucked out of penthouse window, and also discovers that Captain Awesome taught him the girl’s part in tango. Not to forget how Casey beats one of the goons with microwave and then stuffs him inside the refrigerator: the weapons of Buy More.

4. Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp: This one has some kickass action scenes and real good ones with the Chinese secret agent on her own private mission. Then, there is the October Mother’s Day angle, which is both sweet and well intertwined with the episode’s story. Not to forget Morgan’s struggle to not get kicked out of Buy More. Also, much love for the throw away Star War references.

3. Chuck Versus the Nemesis: Mostly because Bryce is hot and Sarah and Bryce together make the most awesome CIA couple, at least as far as comic action is concerned. There is also the whole Pineapple episode in Buy More and not to forget the cool-ass secret star war language (it has a name, but I cannot remember it) and not to forget the Thanksgiving speech by Chuck. Action-packed and mirthful.

2. Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover: The episode is so much fun because of Chuck’s one liners to either poke fun of or to empathize with Casey. Not that Casey’s love life flashback is boring but the most fun part is the tied-up-to-the chairs fight and Casey walking out of the swimming pool, drenched and dripping in his tuxedo, with background music in his favor. The episode also made me realize that the characters have grown through the season, Casey’s character is far more developed at this stage than it was in the initial episodes.

1. Chuck Versus the Marlin: I found it a perfect season finale, funny, full of action, packed a lot of story, and still managed to end at a neat note. Cliff hanger of a sort, but not the kind which would make me bite my nails and cry in agony. I like. The whole “diamond” angle, along with some cool action between Sarah and the pizza delivery woman was most awesome. Also, Captain Awesome was awesome. An engaging finale of an engaging season.

4 Responses to “The Top Five Chuck Episodes”

  1. Just wait till you get to the second season! 😀

  2. sunshin3girl Says:

    Yeah? We are two episodes down. Taking it one episode a day during the weekdays. :p

  3. Whew…
    None of the list mentioned my favorite episode on 1st Season…
    My favorite is Chuck Season 1 Eps 8 – Chuck Versus the Truth… 🙂

  4. […] If you have read my blog in November, then this one should be a no brainer. Interestingly, I have still to make a worthy post about my favorite show of 2009 – Chuck. […]

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