Photo Feature: Six Yards of Cascading Gorgeousness

I recently read somewhere…

“The saree’s radiance, vigor and variety, produced by a single straight length of cloth, should give us in the West pause and make us think twice about the zipper, the dart and the shoulder pad.”


It is a rare Indian (from the Indian subcontinent, for that matter) girl who does not like saree. Depending on how it is draped, it can make you look anything from fiercely in-control to a sex-kitten. I, for one, love the attire and am always in search for opportunity to don them. It is definitely an attire deserving a photo feature on my blog. 😀


Chanderi and Pure Silk

Shades of Yellow

This was the first, therefore it holds a very special place in my collection till date. The yellow Chanderi with gold border was bought for my best friend’s wedding back in 2005. I have worn it on two other weddings ever since, and it has always fetched me many compliments. Chanderi is not very easy to drape, but if done the right way it looks most elegant. In the above picture, the bride is wearing a gorgeous gold-embroidered silk saree while the other bride’s maid is draped in a yellow and green silk from Nalli.


Pink Chiffon

The Sparkling Pink

The sparkling pink chiffon was a wedding gift from the mother in law. I wore it on one of my wedding functions the first time, and then on two other wedding ceremonies in the family later. It has always looked gorgeous, and because it has also been borrowed by my family member, I know it is popular. However, I strongly believe that the loveliness of this saree is yet to be tapped. Chiffon is the most sensual material a saree can come in! I would love to wear this one on a non-wedding party, so that I can drape it differently for once. 😉



The Esthetical Georgette

My favored types of sarees are the casual ones. This georgette in orange and pale yellow is a favorite in that group. I love how grorgette falls but yes, one has to be extra careful not to get it wet. I picked this one up during my wedding trousseau shopping against the suggestions to not pick something so simple.


Gold red

The Brilliant Red

This magnificent red and golden silk belongs to my mother in law, in fact, it is her wedding saree. Does it not say a lot in itself? The silk is thirty plus years old, at the least, and still outshines many new reds. I borrowed it from her for my friend’s wedding, it so was more than happy to see her wedding dress being put to some more use. I strongly believe that good silk never goes out of fashion.



The Wondrous Kanjivaram

The opulent Kanjivaram is also a gift. Frankly, I would not spend so much on a saree, not because it is not worth it but because I never get enough opportunities to wear such brilliant ones. This one was a gift for the first karva chouth, and was worn on the first Diwali after marriage. Since then, it has been sitting pretty in my closet and to top that I regularly worry about it getting spoiled from the folds. Sigh.


Green Silk

The Impertinent Combination

Blue and green are beautiful together, I believe. This one is a silk I picked up from Nalli, again for my wedding trousseau but no one objected to this one. The shade is gorgeous, especially on this silk and the pallu border is to die for. I confess that I struggle with it for a good ten minutes every time, but the results are always worth the effort.


The Southern Yellow

The Southern Yellow

Much love for this yellow and chocolate brown andhra silk that I picked up from Bangalore (Yes, I know!) along with two of my friends sometime in October 2006. I wore it a couple of times for wedding receptions of friends and family, and have loved it every time. Nevertheless, this one is tougher than the rest because it way longer than the usual six yards.


happy green

The Lime n Peach Silk

This happy sea green has a lovely peach border and is studded with colorful stones. Not my usual type, but still a lively color to don. I wore this one recently although this too was picked by me for my wedding trousseau, yes that collection is huge and many of those are still wrapped in their colorful cellophane covers.  I am partial to green and yellow when it comes to sarees and the ones in those colors get unwrapped first.


PS: This was a very selfish post but then, this is my blog. Muhahaha.


11 Responses to “Photo Feature: Six Yards of Cascading Gorgeousness”

  1. Wow! What a post 🙂 I am quite glad to see it..
    Did you know that the south indian kanjeevarams are longer and wider both, whereas the ones I got from Kolkata are a bit shorter. And I love the pink one a lot. I must have told you this before. Also, the green and blue combination is to die for!
    The yellow-brown is also wonderful. Now that your collection is up here for everyone to see, can I borrow your pink someday???

  2. If i were to make such a post, i wd not know which pictures to select. There are 1000s i think. Hee.

    • sunshin3girl Says:

      Yes, you can borrow the pink one anytime. In fact, I would have lent it to you for your November celebrations if I were in town or if the saree was in MT, but sadly it is in JP and someone is very possessive about this one. 😉

  3. Alok Singh Says:

    Hi Anupama…I think I know you from the InfoPro days.

    • sunshin3girl Says:

      Did you just recognize me in the pictures? :p

      I am thinking hard, did you work with Mahima on compliance courses?

  4. Lovely! 🙂 I’m partial to raw silk. Either printed silk or kantha-embroidered ones.
    Love the first orange and red on the best here 🙂

  5. Was this post a product of our sari discussion or is it the other way round? 🙂

    I love your woven silks and chanderi. 🙂

    I have only worn one sari from my trousseau as yet. I am dying to wear all the others mom and I picked from various parts of the country. I guess there’s still some time before I can dole out a photo feature. Give me one more year. 😉

    • sunshin3girl Says:

      Take your time. I took two years, and then there are people like Sushmita who can start an entire blog on sarees. 🙂

  6. Love your elegant sarees!! I have loved your Georgette saree since the first time I saw it (on Flickr I think). The silks are nice too :-))

    I made a grave mistake of buying all ‘heavy’ sarees (heavy per gujrati-punjabi standards, i.e.)…and I think they will never see the light of day ever.

  7. and you know how to drape it. unlike other people.

  8. Love the post! I love that Southern Sunshine Yellow sari, it’s gorgeous and the Brilliant Red. 🙂

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