It’s Complicated

– Is the funniest dialogue I have heard of late. It is mouthed in the most mechanical tone by Himesh Reshamiya in the rushes for the film Radio.

– Is also the name of the film which stars the hottest old woman in town, Meryl Streep.

– Is the state of my mind at the moment. I am extremely sorry (to myself mostly) for this delayed post of the day but the work was crazy this afternoon.

– Is also the apt description of how I felt this evening. I had a wonderful time catching up with a friend over wine and cheese but as she talked about her latest adventure of climbing mountains, it made me realize how little I have done with my own life lately. Nevertheless, I got my first birthday gift of 2009, and a fantastic one at that. I am now a proud owner of the coffee table book 501 Must Visit Destinations, and I also have Ilam tea, freshly packed in Nepal. I now know how to start my Saturday morning.

I know this does not count much for a post but please read between lines and try to figure out what I have been doing this evening. It may give you an insight into my current state. 😀


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