Distinctive issues that keep me from writing “Sex and the City” type posts

Problem 1: The problem with having been in only long relationships is that I can never begin my stories with “I once dated this guy…” Because soon as I say that you know who I am talking about and just like that my anecdote loses its enigma.

Problem 2: I constantly envy those girls who can blog about their new boy and how cute his tush is. For even when I was at the stage where I found the new boy’s tush cute, I could not make such posts. He was already a friend of mine and was reading my blog by the time I noticed his hotness. My problem is that unless you are a Milind Soman or an Yvonne Strahovski lookalike, I would not notice how gorgeous you are until you buy me beer.

Problem 3: All my Internet endeavors share a many-to-many relationship. Therefore, if you know me on twitter, then you know me everywhere else and vise versa. This results in a wholesome ego search on one hand, but dips my mysteriousness to minus forty one.

Problem 4: I tend to get fixated with the book I enjoy or the show I dig, and have to gush about it online. Who has ever seen a Carrie Bradshaw or a Compulsive Confessor ever obsess about John Casey? My interests are too menial to make it to an oomph-y blog.

Problem 5: My geek-factor is a five point something, which leaves me hanging in a limbo. I am too geeky to be an ooh-la-la girl but too regular to be an awesome geek-God.

This is not a rant, just an observation. J


One Response to “Distinctive issues that keep me from writing “Sex and the City” type posts”

  1. Sigh. The trials of the wannabe geek, the wannabe satc, the wannabe writer. But i tend to agree withyou, i always wonder how people can type someone has a great tush with a straight face.

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