Delayed. Disasters. National Security.

Confession first. I almost forgot to update my blog today, but I had a lot on my mind, you see. First, a friend passed on a couple of free movie tickets. I mean, how awesome is that? VERY. The movie was a disaster though. The rushes of 2012 did not have much promise but I did not expect the film to be so boring. The moments when there was nothing blowing, cracking, drowning, falling, or shattering, actors engaged in hugely tiresome dialogues. Even John Cusack could not add any value to the insanely lengthy and cliched film. However, the memories of the film are now a history because the only thing fresh in my mind right now is the Chuck season two finale! People, it blew my mind! I have been utterly and completely in love with the show since day one but the season two just kept getting better and better. It peaked towards the end of the season and the final episode was packed with so much action and awesomeness that it left me feeling high!

Yes, so it was mostly all these important happenings this Saturday that made me forget all about the daily post. Tomorrow, hopefully, should be more than just watching other people’s fictitious lives and if that happens, I promise a meatier post. Until then, have a good night. 🙂

PS: I hope the Hollywood realizes that one of these days, their cherished dream of a disaster striking the world (and America!) might just come true. It is pretty sad that if it happens, I’d die too because I would really love to point my finger and laugh.


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