Japanese Brunch

As promised, my Sunday was meatier than my Saturday. No pun intended.

Mark, husband, and I went for a delightful Japanese brunch at a quaint little place called Chiharu located on Bukit Timah Road. We had read its very encouraging reviews on the Internet and I am super glad to say that they were accurate.



Since it was early in the morning, we decided to skip sake and beer and opted for the weekend special chef treat. The wholesome menu allows you to choose and order unlimited dishes as a part of this treat. I loved the menu presentation, especially because it detailed the ingredients of each dish ensuring that people unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine do not end up in shock. The chefs prepared our order in front of us, as we sipped our hot green tea. We started with sashimi and sushi.



Now, although I love sushi, I usually stay away from sashimi for eating raw saltwater fish is not my usual idea of food. Today, I made an exception and boy, am I glad. The fish was extremely fresh and completely odorless. The mild flavor was just right. So glad I waited for the right one!

In cold dishes, I loved-loved-loved the poached spinach and frozen tomatoes. The flavor of each dish was mild and yet so unique. I made sure to sip some green tea between two dishes so I could appreciate each dish for what it was worth. Other mentionable dishes include salads with wafu dressing and tempura, both prawn and mushrooms were delicious.

Cold Soba

Cold Soba

I went  a teeny-weeny bit overboard with the main course and ordered two. First came the cold soba with dipping sauce, which was cooked to perfection and was presented in the most amazingly authentic style. I loved the finely chopped spring onion served with it. Next, I ordered red ume porridge.

Red Ume Porridge

Red Ume Porridge

Topped with seaweed, it was divine. Although, something like this must have been peasant food initially but this bowl was as enticing as it gets. We topped all of these delightful dishes off with a dollop of passionfruit ice cream.

I can confidently call this serene restaurant a hidden find and list it under Singapore’s well kept secrets.


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  1. COld soba looks good but I want to gobble up the sashimi!

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