Birthday and all that jazz

Thanks to the social networking and the plethora of birthday reminder tools, the whole world and their aunty remembers your birthday. I love it.

Although it can get difficult to acknowledge all the wishes scattered around the Internet, especially the ones left at places one detests (read Orkut) but still, the greedy birthday girl in me is very happy at the moment, her finger tips may or may not agree after having typed a trillion thank you notes in the last one hour.

Right, so since my aging body is quite drained at the moment, I shall leave you with a photo and a thousand few words.


happy birthday

Wishes tied up in golden bows. Whispered greetings. Midnight hugs. Surprise presents. Promises. Delicious cakes. Divine tea. Some healthy food. A long walk. Some loving words. And the newly acquired fat. 🙂


One Response to “Birthday and all that jazz”

  1. Peanuts in the jar? Wanna tell me what presents you got?

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