In which I link restaurants

A belated birthday brunch happened this afternoon at PS. Cafe. The ambiance was very green and delightful and the food was prepared and served with care. A place definitely worthy of a second visit.

For dinner, I got treated for at Sushi Tai. There was some sushi and some spicy miso ramen. Over this delicious Japanese food, we discussed how we missed the Indian Chinese, which happens to be my comfort food mostly because I grew up on it. Chow mein and manchurian were a part of my life way before I discovered pizzas and pastas. That was when a friend told me about Indian Wok, a place I am going to visit at the first available chance. Maybe I will take my Chinese friends there sometime. Just their horrified expression will be worth the money I spend on the food they would never be able to finish. :p

Oh, and we also spent an hour or two at IndoChine in the afternoon sipping some Hoegaarden and all was wonderful until I decided to order some signature cocktail because I read “lots of olives” in its description and skipped the line where it said “gin and vermouth.” Therefore, I ended up with a glass full of neat gin and vermouth with six green olives in it. I ate my olives and paid the bill.

Yeah, so now you know about four fantastic eating places in Singapore and my Sunday. That concludes your class for the day. Ta.


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