Skipping 21st

Right, so a day has been skipped and it pains my heart. I wanted to do this religiously and the only hitch I foresaw was my mini-vacation in the last weekend of November, but guess I was wrong. It was WORK that got in the way.

So Saturday was spent locked up in what they call “Control Room” with a bunch of coworkers, some customers, and twenty business users. Yes, our project went live yesterday. Although, I am relieved to see that it was a relatively smooth rollout but hey, I spent fourteen hours of my weekend in there. Well, to be fair, the food was awesome. Lunch was a continental affair and I gorged on Russian potato salad and ate two bowls of fruit punch, then there was coffee, and later in the evening there was a fantastic Chinese dinner. The prawns were awesome. But there was no world wide web connection, no phone signals, and a lot of stress. By the time I got home, it was already Sunday. So, I skipped the 21st.

This is my makeup post for that and soon, there will be a Sunday affair. Till then, adios.


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