hey you

Hello Blog,

Do you hate me for ruining your reputation? Please believe me when I tell you that my intentions were pure and my effort remains tireless. You see, unlike what the family back home believes, my life is not one big party. I work hard five (sometimes six) days a week and then also manage chores at home, and do a wee bit more work than I actually did in India. Still in midst of all this, I find time to update you daily. Yes, I concur that more often than not, the updates are hapless and for that, I truly apologize. Dear blog, you must also consider those once a week meatier posts that are reasonably substantial and often get read and commented upon.

November is almost coming to an end and it has been a hard month for me at work. I really need some time off and would be really grateful if you understand my need for a weekend vacation. Please be reminded, the last time I took off was in May and that too was for only two nights. Yeah? You see my point, right? I knew you would. *Big blog hug*

I would not have any Internet access for the following three days but I promise I will make posts on the iPhone and save for updates on Sunday night. Thanks again for being so empathizing. I owe you one. Muah.

Yours always,



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