There is something about Ralph Lauren (delayed post 2)

Ralph Lauren Polo, to be exact.

You cannot walk 500 meters without spotting at least three stores with the standard Ralph Lauren Polo boards in blue! Initially, I thought that the area next to our hotel had branded stores but then I could not find anything else, it was either Polo or the local art. Strange, I say. Later when a tout on the roadside asked whether we wished to rent a car, go jet skiing, or buy a Levi’s 501 in the same breath, I came to the conclusion that Bali has a big counterfeit products market to lure the tourists. But more I think about it, more perplexed I am. Unlike the fake Levi’s jeans or the fake Nike tees, Ralph Lauren Polo stores are proper shops, and on a closer look the apparel seemed authentic as well. However, why on earth will anyone open a store at every turn of an extremely curvy road?

But soon as we stepped out of Tanjung Benoa (where our hotel was), I realized that the Ralph Lauren phenomena is not limited to the village but is spread island-wide. Definitely, they are fakes, nevertheless my quandary remains why only Ralph Lauren? Although I did spot a D&G in Ubud, but that is one against thirty in two days. And this is one of those rare occasions when even a Google search refuses to help.

2 Responses to “There is something about Ralph Lauren (delayed post 2)”

  1. Ralph Loren counterfeits in Asian resort – keep that in mind when shopping while on vacation – many products are likely counterfeits. Why only Ralph Loren? Likely to do with the fascination of that particular brand in that particular locale.

  2. F Beans Says:

    An Indonesian friend once told me that somehow a guy managed to register his business using the name Polo in Indonesia and hence there are many ‘legal’ Polo shops selling Polo shirts but they are not related to the authentic Polo Ralph Lauren.

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