hello, twenty ten

A shiny new year is here. With the coming of which a couple of mini projects on this blog have ended and I feel a little bewildered. I am a creature of habit and when any change kicks in, my first reaction is to resist and throw a tantrum.

While I have little control on the changes that life presents me with, I do have a choice to keep my blog just the way it was in 2009. But, I shall not. I have begun with transferring the links of my friends’ blogs to my RSS reader, and removing the twitter and flickr feed. Surely, there can be too much  of me. Let us cut down the clutter, I say. Let the chi flow in freely.

The other major change is introduction of weekly review posts on the blog. Starting this Friday, I shall post a movie review every Friday and Monday. The movies can be of any era or language, about anything I happen to watch and feel strongly about. Besides the regular movie reviews, I shall try to write about every book I finish reading.

The Project 365 still has 100 more days to go; I struggle with it every day. Since I am not linking to my Flickr feed any longer, I may post certain photos that I am particularly proud of. Won’t happen too often. :p

Yeah, so that is the POA for the blog in the first year of the new decade. Forget talking about the ’80s and the ’90s; Make way for the ’10s.

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