the impropmtu holiday

Have you ever envied those ladies who are seen enjoying coffee/lunch or shopping on a weekday afternoon? I have. Often. This fantasy of having every weekday afternoon free to sip coffee and indulge in shopping can only be turned into a reality if I quit my job but then, will I ever be able to motivate myself to get out of the bed in the morning? I doubt it. Therefore, I decided to live my fantasy for a week and begged the boss to give me a week off to join the husband on his business trip to Vancouver. I needed it, you know? He will be gone for about 20 days and often too, so what does a girl do? Right? So I should not feel guilty about spending a bomb on the tickets to the other part of the world, right?

Anyway, it is too late to wonder. I am already in Taipei, waiting for the connecting flight. :p

Much excited. Little plans. Will basically walk the streets every single day for five days. Take pictures, drink coffee, and take more pictures. Shopping? Well, we will see.

Expect daily posts. 🙂

PS: Just realized this is the first time I am traveling alone internationally! * gasps *

PPS: Its intersting how every single sign/instruction in the Taipei airport is also in English but most people do not understand the language. Unlike China/Japan, where you see all signs in the local language, English dominates the sign boards here.


2 Responses to “the impropmtu holiday”

  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy this mini vacation 🙂 Luck youuu! Iam going to go and ask my Boss now…..

  2. Have fun will love Canada after the very tropical SGP..

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