Wondering …

Every time a colleague spots me with a new books, I am asked two questions. In the same order.

“Is it by an Indian author?” and then regardless of my reply,

“Did you buy it from India?”

It is beginning to get on my nerves. Maybe it is just their thought process that I’ve been unable to figure.


9 Responses to “Wondering …”

  1. Ask said person if s/he reads only authors from his/her country. Also tell said person there are bookstores in countries apart from India , or these things we call libraries, thankyouverymuch. Please.

    • sunshin3girl Says:

      Dude, the funniest thing is that more than one person has asked me this question. And I thought people in SG read enough books. :\

  2. :), the second question is more bizarre than the first!Do they not sell books in Singapore!?
    ps: what are you reading? Indian author?:))

  3. Haha! I was just gonna ask what hotchocolate did.

  4. Hahaha! It is better than what I get to hear — “But English is not your first language!”

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