Of my promised return and undying support to all things doomed

Maybe it is my new found affinity to all things Korean or maybe I have too much on my mind, but the state of my blog has been extremely pitiful for the past couple of months. So today, we will talk about something new; we will talk about the jinx that I am.

I am a nice person, usually, with loads of good vibes. However, if you are competing for something – anything – a soccer match, a debate competition, a beauty pageant, or the assembly elections, you do not want me on your side.

I had noticed this trend sometime in the late ’90s when I cast my vote both to select the college president and the municipal minister of my residential area. Both lost. Then, it happened again in the state elections, and then I started noticing the trend in smaller events like cricket matches and movie awards. I was reminded of it again last Saturday when Argentina lost to Germany, not by one or two but by four freaking goals!! My initial choices, Japan and South Korea, were already out, but I did not think too much about those, but Argentina? Really! Something tells me that Spain ain’t winning the cup either. Let’s see what my support does to it.

Not that I am going to stop rooting for my favorites, too bad they have me as their fan!


5 Responses to “Of my promised return and undying support to all things doomed”

  1. I would like you by my side irrespective of anything.

    Such a pity that we are poles apart. Plus, I wont find good friends this year.

  2. sunshin3girl Says:

    *big hug*

    I will be in Delhi, soon.

  3. Amitabha Says:

    Some people would be willing to pay you a ton of money with this unique ability of yours. All they would have to do is put their money on the side you are NOT rooting for

  4. hotchocolate Says:

    But Spain won..:)

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