Of home, food, and other things

So another thing greatly common between Liz Lemon and me is our love for food. We both might love different kind of food, but the love is undeniable and utterly honorable.

Although no time is a bad time to go back home, but this time my trip was not timed really well (too much ‘time’, you think?). I went back home in the middle of hot-hot July and the heat wave ate up my appetite. Therefore, no snacking on chatpatta golgappas or greasy Indian-Chinese happened. However, the evenings were comparatively cooler, especially when spent inside air-conditioned cars and glossy restaurants. So yes, some nifty restaurant food was had.

Revisiting Old Love: Big Chill

This is where my taste buds came of age. Before Big Chill, Italian food meant Sunfeast pasta and boiled spaghetti with chunky tomato sauce plopped on it! Besides great food, this is also a place of very special memories of my first date with the present (and only) husband. Sadly, the original branch has been relocated and the one I visited this time is inside a swanky mall, which is very convenient and totally lacks character. Nevertheless, the risotto is still delicious and the pitcher of ginger fizz still its awesome self.

Exploring The Popular: Swagat

For a girl who likes to call herself both a true-blue Delhi-ite and a foodie, it is rather shameful that I had never tried the hugely popular cuisine of Swagat until now. But I am glad to announce that it met the high expectations set by the world and a little bit more. Or maybe I was just happy. After many minutes of adventure on the unlit roads of Gurgaon, we found ourselves a nice table and finger-licking grub. And when I say this for Indian food not cooked by mum, it means a lot. So, much respect.

Encountering The Other Side: Mocha

For the longest time, in my head Mocha has been a place where snobs have expensive coffee over pretentious conversation. I experienced this first hand at the GK outlet a few years back. But the Sunday brunch with friends in Gurgaon changed my opinion about the restaurant. I loved everything from the mustered furniture to the funky cutlery and of course, the zany cuisine. I highly recommend the Thai-style Maggi.

Collapsing of Memories: Picadeli

There were signs every where in CP that shouted at the top of their lungs, begged and pleaded me to not go inside Picadeli or any other restaurant, for that matter. CP looked as if it was located somewhere in Iraq and was recently bombed, repeatedly. Nevertheless, I walked in to Picadeli and like everything else in CP, it broke my heart. To be honest, it never was a great restaurant. It always served overpriced and undersized portions of all possible cuisines but it used to be a happy place and that made me go back every time. Not any more.

Much to my annoyance, my city is changing while I am away. The roads, the places, even the weather – it is all different from what it was back in 2007. There are good changes too, just so you know. Like the sudden popularity of sushi. Happy things, see?


2 Responses to “Of home, food, and other things”

  1. rechristened Says:

    Am sad to read about the plight of CP…just too depressing.

  2. S3rioussam Says:

    BRIC countries are changing fast, sonmuch so that visiting after a gap of months changes entire landscapes.

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