the all-knowing elder in me just snuck up!

It was the most shocking revelation.

I have a little sister, a cousin, who is young enough to be my child, biologically speaking. She was born in the year when I started college. After many years of restricted access to the Internet, she has recently found a way to be online every free minute of her day. That and her blind adoration for her big sister (which will vanish within next five years, I think) makes her ping me every two hours.

Today was just another day for me, while I furiously typed away on my keyboards and chatted up the users on the phone at the same time. And there, she blinked at the bottom-right of my computer screen. Orange, blink-blink.

I automatically checked the system clock, calculated the India time and asked her why she was not in school, in not a very polite manner. Next, I corrected her spellings. And then I was forming a preachy speech in my head when I stopped. Stunned.

Who was I? What was I doing?

Whoever told me that I was to teach this young teen the ways of life? The little girl has not even given me a valid reason for going all instructive on her. But the inherent elder in me, who knows better, had soundlessly surfaced.

I hate it when people tell me what to do.

For around ten minutes, I became my worst nightmare. I became the person I avoid. Because just like I love my little sister, and want to make her better in ways that I think are right, the person I avoid loves me and wants to improve me in ways they think are right.

I appall myself right now. However, I am glad I noticed it (hopefully) soon enough. Also, I must not avoid the person I avoid because probably they love me more than I realize.


One Response to “the all-knowing elder in me just snuck up!”

  1. S3rioussam Says:

    I refuse to be old. Please to ensur it doesn’t rub off on moi.

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