Preferences – Part 1

I will tell you a story. The words are mine but the story is someone else’s, who will be duly credited in due time.


January 17, 11:25 pm

Could my day get any more bizarre? I thought I had hit the rock bottom this morning when I saw my close friend and house-mate for the past ten years walking down the aisle with my ex-boyfriend; the boyfriend who unanticipatedly dumped me last night.

Sun escorted me home from the wedding venue, God bless her.

I am still in a daze as I write this, but shockingly, it is not Kim and C’s cruel betrayal that tops my mind right now. When I reached home, I saw a notice from the loan sharks on my door. Joe has used my house, the house that my father built with all his love and care, as collateral and is now absconding. I do not even know how that is possible, but they have the papers. Sun says she will work something out but I do not even know what that means. I know nothing.

Maybe they are right. I am too trusting, an easy target for everyone. But what on earth have I done to deserve this? Why does everyone close to me take advantage of me? I must get some sleep.

Ok, I cannot sleep. I have three months and no money to save my house. I could work harder, design more furniture but how can I guarantee someone will buy it? I wish I had a contract; this is the time I need a contract. My designs are not all that bad, you know.

I must save my house or else my father will kill me. The house is special to me, of course but it is his dream. He built this for his beloved wife, a house where his wife and his daughter could see their dreams come true. Now, with mother gone and me turning out a 29-year old disappointment, this house is all he has.

January 18, 1:15 pm

Sun wants me to sublet a room; she has already gone ahead and registered it with the broker. After what Kim did to me, I do not want to share my house with anyone.

January 18, 7:30 pm

What is wrong with my stars!!

Guess who is my new renter? The pervert who was fighting with C at the furniture expo the other day! I did not want to have him, I did not want anyone to rent my house but Sun said I have no choice, so I agreed.

But a guy? How can I share a house where I live alone with a man? That too this strange man? Any man, for that matter. I have no idea why Sun went ahead and said “yes” to him.

January 19, 1:12 am

Ok, it is not as bad as I thought. Sun – the convincer has succeeded again but the good thing is that I have some steady income. Now only if I can find a contract for designing furniture, maybe I can save my house.

Well, I guess I should get some sleep. At least something good has happened. I have a new renter, who is rich, handsome, and gay.


3 Responses to “Preferences – Part 1”

  1. I am intrigued and looking forward to the next one 🙂 Is this a real story?

    • sunshin3girl Says:

      I just rewrote it in first person. It is a work of fiction, someone else wrote it but I do not want to share the details else you can Google and know what will happen next. 🙂

      When I complete it, I think I will tag all posts with the credits.

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