Preferences – Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

January 19, 8:45 pm

It is unbelievable what I have got myself into. JJ, the new renter, is such a pain. I guess it is because of his preferences, but how can he expect me to clean up after myself every ten minutes?

He came in this afternoon and has been cleaning ever since. He even made me clean up my room! He says he cannot live with a sloppy fool. I wonder how he assumed he could talk like this with me.

The house looks way better, I must confess. But every part of my body aches.

Sun is very excited about having him. She is not behaving her age and the way she gushes over JJ’s good looks, you wouldn’t know she has a five year old kid. I had to remind her that her son would be back from tuition and hungry in order to send her back home.

God, now he is ironing his clothes. What a dandy! Oops, someone is at the door. Must rush.

January 19, 11:20 pm


Can you believe that Kim had the audacity to walk into my house? She walked in, with her suitcase in toe, as if nothing had happened.

She said that she never went through with the wedding and that she had assumed C had already informed me that the two were getting hitched. She made it sound like it was my fault for ruining their wedding. She wanted me to let her stay in her room. Actually, I think she expected I will let her stay.

JJ came out when he heard our raised voices. I think Kim got a shock of her life. She thought I had gotten myself a new boyfriend within a day. I wish I had the guts to let her go on believing that. But it seemed unfair, so I told her he was just renting the room and also that he was gay.

Surprisingly, this upset JJ a lot. He threw a major fit. I suppose it is hard for him to come out of the closet and let the world know. He seemed astonished that I knew about his preferences but it is pretty clear from the way Mr. T behaves around him. Anyway, I have made a promise to JJ that I will never call him gay in public again.

January 20, 6 pm

Guess what? JJ is an architect with his own company, his Mr. T works with him. I think he shares my hatred for C due to some work animosity. I did not ask for details, but we kind of bonded over it. He isn’t that bad, you know. I get a feeling that having a gay housemate may be a happy thing after all. For one, he is more stylish than me and has way better skin than mine. He taught me how to make facemask at home. I think he takes a shower every day. Wonder why anyone would do that in such weather. His preferences make him picky, I think.

Anyway, he is ok. I will make him dinner tonight. But I wish Sun would come soon because I can only cook hot water.

January 20, 11 pm

I got a call from C today. Of course, I picked up though JJ did not understand why I would do such a thing. C was at calling from my doorstep, and he was piss drunk. Maybe it was all the wine but he seemed to have taken 180 degrees turn. When he broke up with me, he had said he never really loved me. He said to him, I was a lost puppy drenched in rain and he took pity on me. It was pity, not love.

Today, he said that he had always loved me but he went to Kim because she offered everything to him, unlike me. He dumped me because I did not sleep with him!?

I need beer.

January 21, 9.30 am

JJ and I have a new project. Our dandy JJ has promised that he will turn me into a woman men covet. Last night, I got really mad at C and then I got really drunk. I have no memory of what I told JJ, but I remember he was super nice about everything. This morning before he left for work, he promised to work on me this Saturday. He will be my teacher. Yay for my sansei!


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