Preferences – Part 3

Continued from Part 2.

January 23, 10 am

I am such a fool.

I made a blunder last night during dinner. I had dragged JJ with me to the corner store for some barbecued beef and I got a little drunk. Maybe more than just a little, considering I am still fuming about what C said on the phone. Anyhow, one thing lead to another and I ended up announcing JJ’s preferences at the top of voice.

Shit. He is really pissed at me now.

It is my mistake, I agree. I said “But he is gay!” in front of a restaurant full of strangers and there was pin drop silence. In my defense, I was trying to help him. JJ’s good looks get him into a lot of trouble, you see. Some drunken uncle was accusing JJ of teasing his wife – a forty something and a woman at top of it. Of course, I had to save JJ from the drunken uncle.

Anyhow, I feel bad now because JJ has been really nice to me. Although he still pushes me to clean up all the time and he seems to have taken a special dislike to my blue track pants. He says it is unacceptable that I step out of my house in those. They are really comfy, you know. And who has time to change into something nice every time one needs to run an errand? I guess, JJ does.  Mister in-vogue. Humf.

Although I have a sneaky suspicion that Sun would approve.

I drift again. I must find some way to make up to JJ. He left this morning before I stepped out of my room. Wonder if he is still mad. You know, he helped me bandage my hand when I accidently cut it during working on the new table in my workshop. He is sweet.

What do I do now?

January 23, 11:40 pm

Long day.

Good news is that Sun put up my furniture on her web site. I hope some of it gets sold off. I am trying to save money, but it is not easy.

Oh and JJ forgave me after I renewed my promise to not blurt the G word again and fed him some hot soup. Lessons begin tomorrow.

Something curious happened today. A businessman visited me at noon; he said he was father’s acquaintance. Although he knew father is in the UK for another three months, he still came to see me. He never explained why. Thankfully, Sun was around else I would have freaked out. He sat looking around the house as if it was some work of art (which it totally is, but it is odd when someone sits n stares) while I worked on the chairs for kids. Then he left. Just like that. Curious, as I said.

January 24, 3 pm

It is official – JJ is trained in torture skills. Maybe he is a spy and architect is just a cover. He dunked my head in a tub full of water for full two minutes just because I cannot walk on a straight line with a glass vase sitting on my head. For crying out loud!

He also shut me in the attic for hours, or at least what seemed like hours. He is trying to build patience in me, he says. Coveted girls do not rush out when a boy rings a doorbell, apparently. But if JJ cuts his hand, am I supposed to sit around and be poised? He is my buddy, after all.

Oh I guess, I did not tell you that. JJ is a real bud. He took me to one of his funky hairstylist (who was also super gay) and got my hair done. He even paid for it. Now, we will go buy me a nice dress in the evening because we are going to a party tomorrow!

No, no, do not get it wrong. Remember, he likes men. OK?

I will tell you the truth. He is taking me to some of his boring work party as a pretend date because he knows that C is going to be there. I have to show that bloody C that I am happy and alive without him. So yes, I have pretty hair now. Also, I plan to wear makeup.

January 25, 4 pm

I am super nervous right now. No idea where JJ is but we are leaving for the party in less than an hour. I have a gorgeous champagne colored dress and my hair is up but the confidence is down.

The fact is that I am not happy and over C. No, that sounds wrong. I am not waiting for C anymore but you do not expect me to have moved on, already. Do you? Deep breaths.

Nevertheless, JJ is taking me so I have no reason to worry, right? He is the sweetest, you know. It is almost as if my mom sent him to take care of me. I hope he never goes away. I see a best friend in making. Joy.

Ok, deep breaths.


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