Preferences – Part 4

Continued from Part 3.

January 26th, 8 pm

So much happened yesterday evening. Good things first.

I did not make a fool of myself. You should have seen C when he saw me walk in with JJ, who by the way was looking dashing in his suit. He is really tall, you see. Anyway, C could not believe his eyes. First, I looked happy and second, he hates JJ more than I knew. Still no clue why though but they seem to know each other for since forever.

So when I was walking out of the washroom with JJ (No no, do not get the wrong ideas. I will explain later, ok?) C stopped us and he wanted to make a scene but JJ cut him short, held my hand and walked out, all possessive like. We pulled off such a good show as dates. Go to hell, C.

Another good thing that happened was that the party was hosted by the curious business man who visited me the other day. I did not know but he is the owner of the art museum. He seems to have real good impression of father and said that he liked the children’s furniture I was working on when he visited me. He wants to discuss a contract for the kids’ room in his museum. I cannot believe this but I got a probable work assignment out of a party!! Fingers crossed, I meet him tomorrow.

Now bad things. I have no idea what is up between C and Kim, but Kim was at the party too. Actually, Kim works for the curious business man and he seems to think quite highly of her. Not that is any of my business. I did not fancy seeing her. She eyed JJ too, as expected of her. But too bad, Miss Kim. JJ is one guy you cannot lure away from me. He is my bud!

Oh and the most embarrassing thing that happened was that I got my period. Right there in the middle of the party, the cramps came. What was I to do? So I called JJ from the washroom and asked him to run down to the drug store for me. Which he did but he took his own sweet time going about it. Also, for some reason he got me a razor besides the sanitary napkins that I had asked him for. Anyway, so that is why we were walking out of the washroom together. Just so it is clear.

January 28th, 8:20 pm

Sun just left. She was so happy to hear about my contract with the curious business man, although she is a little worried about me bumping into Kim a lot during work hours. Let’s see. I need this job, plus Kim is also in a pretty sad state now. Her marriage is off and she has no place to live. Wonder where she lives now?

Anyway, I told Sun I can handle it. C also comes in and out of the art museum a lot. He is bidding for the museum’s renovation contract just as JJ. I start tomorrow. Excited.

Sun has gotten very friendly with JJ’s Mr. T, btw. She gets along well with him. But she is crazy, she thinks I take too much care of JJ. Why shouldn’t I? Do you know how much he cares? He rubbed my belly when I was dying of menstrual cramps after the party. He also ran out to get me pain killers. He is my bud and he is helping me become a woman! For some reason, Sun seemed shocked when I said these words to her.

She thinks I may have developed “other” feelings for him. I do not understand why she keeps forgetting his preferences.

Talking about JJ, why is he not back yet?

January 29th, 11 am

I am at work and have had two coffees but my head is still spinning.

I waited up for JJ till 11 last night and then I called his mobile, which he did not pick up. I panicked, of course. He turned up after midnight, drunk. I have not seen him drunk before. He does not seem the type, but he was very sad. About something. He sat next to me at the doorstep where I had been waiting and mumbled on about dreams, how he had been running round and round in circles and how he will never make his mom’s dream come true. He was so sad, it broke my heart. Then, I noticed tears in eyes (which are a very deep shade of brown). He was crying. Like really crying with tears. Ok, I know he is gay but he is still a man. Men do not cry easily. He must be really hurt. I tried to console him, though I did not know what I was calming him for. That was when he kissed me.


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  1. Ooh its getting exciting… just to say that I am enjoying your story!

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