Preferences – Part 5

Continued from Part 4.

January 29, 9:30 pm

False alarm! I had such a terrible day, and my first one at the new job, today. I kept thinking about what happened last night while a lot of exciting things were happening right in front of my eyes at work. The curious businessman is the chairman of the art museum and he has a lot of faith in me, which is scary because it stems from his respect for father’s work. Too much pressure, but I like it. The curious businessman has given me full freedom with the kids’ section. Not only do I design the furniture, I also get a say on the flooring and wallpaper and everything. If I do this well, my portfolio will have a shining star.

So while all this was happening today, I kept thinking of JJ. Apparently, I needn’t have. This evening he walked in and started ranting about the empty Ramen cups as if nothing had happened. While my face was red like a ripe tomato, he went on about how unhealthy instant noodles are. Soon, I realized he had no memory of what happened last night. While it did relax me, I must confess some part of me was a teeny bit disappointed. Silly.

Oh, and I bumped into Kim, rather I think she made it a point to walk up to me and say mean things about how I ruined everyone’s life. She also said something about how I will now make JJ’s life hell. What does that even mean? And why on earth does JJ concern her? Does she even know him?!

January 29, 11:45 pm

I should not have eaten Ramen for supper. Tummy aches.

January 30, 2 pm

Lunched with the curious business man, who is not all that bad but I seriously wish he stops praising my father. It makes me nervous. And then, C walked in and acted all surprised on seeing me there. Wonder if Kim had really not told him. Maybe they have broken up for real. C had the balls to invite me for coffee after work. I declined, of course. But then he mentioned that his mom is leaving the country and went all weepy on me.  I guess, I will have a quick chat with him after work.

Sigh. Old habits die hard. 😦

January 31, 1 am

I want revenge.

I hate being taking for granted and the whole world and their nanny does so. C poured out his heart about how sad his mother is making him by moving to Dubai. He expected me to care, and the sad part is that I did. I felt bad for him. But that is because no one should be deserted by their mother, not because it is happening to C. He lapped up my sympathy and then asked me to come see off his mother at the airport. And that is not the most absurd thing he said all evening. He asked me to come see off his mother as Kim, his-almost-wife!

I have been unable to sleep, obviously. It is like I walk around with a board on forehead – “Come, walk all over me.”

So, I have plotted a revenge plan. I am going to take C up on his offer “to start over.” I will treat him like shit, and then ultimately dump him. Like he dumped me!

January 31, 3 pm

My eyes are so red today. Everyone, including the curious business man, has asked me what is wrong. JJ gave me a hard time over puffy eyes (and empty Ramen cups) this morning as well. Anyhow, I told my plan to JJ and he seemed ambivalent at first. Then, he encouraged me over breakfast. Later he texted me two words. “Be careful.”

Sun, on the other hand, laughed on my face.  She thinks I am incapable of revenge. She got angry and said I still love C. I do not even feel the need to defend or clarify. I have self respect.

Revenge is on.

January 31, 7:45 pm


Gah gah gah. Some more gah.

Kim stopped me on my way out from work this evening. She went on and on about what JJ said over lunch. Although whatever she talked about was all architectural nonsense and seemingly harmless, but why is JJ lunching with Kim?! He is my bud. He knows how horrible Kim has been to me, why is he lunching with her?

He is outside ironing his shirts right now and I really want to yank his shirts off and ask him why he agreed on an appointment with Kim but I know better. It is none of my business. A person can have multiple friends. But I do not like. No.

January 31, 10:30 pm

Grand. Sun is right, I cannot be mean.

What I really wanted was to murder JJ for spending time with Kim but I ended up making a fuss over his dinner. He was sitting in the loft, which he has turned into a workshop, gazing at the walls and arcs of my house; lost and gullible. When I asked if he was hungry, he said he hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and left his lunch untouched for some reason. So much for being mad!

After dinner, we shared the last can of beer (I brought out two glasses, do not get ideas!) and we had a nice chat. I forgive him for his lunch with Kim (he does not know that I was annoyed, by the way); I am sure he needs to meet her for his approaching presentation.  It was a nice evening, and that is all that counts. Right?


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