Preferences – Part 6

Continued from Part 5.

February 1st, 4 pm

So tired, but happy. The chairs turned out really well and I think the curious businessman gave an approving smile this morning. I shall be out to buy some more plywood later today.

Oh, I met C during lunch, not for lunch, just during that hour. I am playing hard to get but it appears he believes I am still heads over heels in love. Good for me. Wonder why I never noticed how self obsessed he is. Sigh.

February 2nd, 11:20 am

I am all kinds of upset right now. For one, my head hurts. Two, where the hell is JJ? Is he my house mate, my buddy or not?

Ok, so you are not clued in. Last evening was horrible. While I was at the plywood stockroom, a huge plank fell on top of my head. I wasn’t clumsy, I swear. Anyway, like a total fool I fainted at the spot and woke up in the hospital. Head ached, but otherwise I seemed fine until I saw C. I have no clue how he found out but he came to the hospital to see me and made unimaginable fuss. Very inconvenient. I was waiting to call JJ, only C wouldn’t leave. Anyway, since he considers himself my boyfriend all over again, he drove me home.

When Sun found out, she flared up. Can’t blame her but how do I explain my need for revenge to her? But the shocker was that JJ never came home last night. When I called, he did not pick up. What is up with him?

I am skipping work today.

February 2nd, 1 pm

The phone has been ringing all day. The curious businessman called. Sun called. C called. JJ did not call.

Oh here it goes again.

February 2nd, 1:15 pm


No, it wasn’t JJ but the second best thing happened. The constructor called from the plywood storeroom. He asked about my health and then joked about my two boyfriends. Two? He said two gentlemen showed up last evening enquiring about me. One was tall-tall. Now who is very tall and can enquire about me?

Yup.  Heh.

But where on earth did he disappear?

February 2nd, 6:45 pm

Guess who just came home?

JJ is being a spoilsport though. He refused to answer where he was all night, not that it really is my business but can I not even ask? He did enquire about my accident but never mentioned going to the storeroom to check on me. Should I ask?

Oh, he can go to hell or his clean room.

February 2nd, 9 pm

He seems normal again. We just finished dinner that he had fixed. He congratulated me on my successful commencement of the revenge plans. We shall practice some more this weekend.

February 4th, 6 pm

I have never been more confused. And angry.

Do you know where JJ was the other night when I was sitting at home with my aching head waiting for him? He was babysitting Kim because she was really scared after a thief broke into her house!

Alright, when I heard about the thief, I panicked too. But on second thoughts, why did she ask JJ to babysit her? And why did JJ agree? 😦

I am really jealous of Kim. She stole my boyfriend and now she is after my best friend. No, she cannot have him.

February 5th, 9:30 am

JJ got me my morning coffee in my workshop on his way to meet the curious businessman. Sweet. He is bound to meet Kim on his way there but I did not see a coffee for her.

February 6th, 2 am


What do you do if you develop feelings for someone who does not like you?


2 Responses to “Preferences – Part 6”

  1. Oh come on girl! You can’t leave it hanging like that!! Hope you get around to this real soon! (-:

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