Ho-hum Tidbits

The good tidings are that I have found a house that is dreamlike and expensive and owned by people who like my brown skin. Besides that work just grew on three scales: size, fun, anxiousness. Busy days ahead, hence dependency on K-dramas for escaping reality may grow as well.

In unrelated but highly distressing news, my spoken English is deteriorating and I often catch myself going, “can can,” and “you go first.” Therefore, I have decided to become the activist for Speak Good English Movement. So next time I spot a grammatically incorrect sign anywhere in public, I shall write the correct one on a yellow sticky and stick it on the incorrect sign.

Also, I hate cooking for myself. I would rather read fantastically elaborate recipes and do nothing about them when I am alone than make an omelet for myself.

Last but not the least, note how this post is not about the terrific Korean TV show that I am currently watching. The self-control impresses.


One Response to “Ho-hum Tidbits”

  1. S3rioussam Says:

    So he eet ees your movements?

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