Crossroads of Life and All Things Bad

Every now and then life presents you with a terrible dilemma. Initial reaction is terrifying but when you gather your senses and think about it calmly, there are always options, choices. However, availability of choices only makes it tougher, and you wish that you had hit a dead end instead.

Sadly, I am standing on one such crossroad. I can either choose the extremely tough root of loyalty or just ditch everything and start over afresh. I thought about it long and I thought about it hard. I weighed every option and even considered changing my lifestyle. It was very exhausting and very depressing.

In the end, I made up my mind. I will stick with my MacBook even if it requires me to spend another $900 on it.


One Response to “Crossroads of Life and All Things Bad”

  1. S3rioussam Says:

    This post dates your thoughts to the exact time difference between rhisvdevision and the release of the MacBook air

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