Rumination of a repeater

The trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows got me into the mood and I decided to count down (or up?) to its release in November by watching the movies one through six, the brilliant prints of which I have thanks to Beatzo.

Currently, I am only 1.5 movies down, but I might as well write about my re-watching experience while it’s still fresh. Soon as I popped in The Philosopher’s Stone, I got a nasty shock. The movie has tiny tykes as actors, seriously. Have a look for yourself:

the philosopher's stone

At 11 (2001)

Radcliffe cannot even act much in the film, although Watson is pretty neat even as a tiny tot. It appears that I have no memory of what had transpired back in 2001. The graphics for the troll and the quidditch match leave a lot to be desired. Seriously, they are not the Star Wars kind of old-hence-bad graphics, they are just bad graphics. Having said that, Hogwarts is amazing and so is the cast. Though it is very possible that the films have colored my original visualization of the Harry Potter world gathered via the books, but at the moment, this is the perfect world and the perfect Harry Potter. Nevertheless, I cannot say the same about Dumbledore, Richard Harris is good but he is not the Dumbledore that I know. Michael Gambon is. This goes to show how easily I let the present color my views, but well.

As the husband pointed out, the film completely apes the book which is both good and bad. On one hand, it has all the juicy bits that the fans would love; on the other hand, it does not concentrate on being a good cinematic experience. Regardless, it is this film that established the characters and the world that millions have grown to love over the last decade. Full points for that!

Last night I sat down with my Umeshu dunked plums and The Chamber of Secrets. About ten minutes longer than the first film, this one has visibly older Harry Potter, Ron, and the babe-in-making Hermione. However, it is Draco Malfoy (Felton), looking sinister instead of just mean in the first film, whose growth spurt took me by surprise. This makes me think that even though the difference between the two films is only one calendar year, they must have begun shooting the first one way earlier.

the chamber of secrets

At 12 (2002)

Besides the flamboyant new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, the film also has more spicy bits than the first one but once again, they are all thanks to the author’s imagination. The only noticeable difference from the book were the effects of the polly juice potion, which only changed the appearance in the movie unlike the book where it changed the entire personality including voice and eyesight. What was the intention behind this minuscule digression, only Chirs Columbus could tell.

What is annoying about this film (and of course the book, only I never re-read it) is the fact that all grownups are extremely irresponsible. While I understand that is how the author gets the kids to be the heroes and accomplish deeds undoable by the adults, but one could always ask for little more resourcefulness in this area. Unless my memory fails me again, this gets better with every passing book/film. However, in this particular film, the well-meaning grownups lead the pre-teens into one danger after the other. Hagrid especially should be fired right this moment! Nonetheless, I still disagree with the husband that Albus Dumbledore is the worst principal ever.

Oh and now I should finish work so I can go home and watch the climax of the film.

PS: Oh, and one thing that has not changed over the decade is the awesomeness also called Alan Rickman.


One Response to “Rumination of a repeater”

  1. S3rioussam Says:

    Ess. Watching them again was a good decision. Reminded me also how good the second film is. Much better when Columbus had a little budget.

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