The clinger in me is active again

For all the wanderlust I experience every other month, my claim that I would do anything for a change, whenever a real change happens, I cling.

Last evening I was to meet my ex-landlady to handover the apartment to her. Until the day before, I was supremely excited about the new house and had kept myself busy with the tasks involving big brown boxes and bubble wraps.  But when I cleaned the house, and saw it all empty, it broke my heart. I have spent last twenty six months in that house, and obviously a lot transpired during that time. For example, I have celebrated all three wedding anniversaries in that house. Ok, I am sappy, shoot me!

These are some pictures I took last year after I redid my hall.

The Window

The Bookshelf

The Hall

And some I took last evening after cleaning.

The Hall - After Clearing

The Window - My Favorite Spot

Soon, I will post pictures of the new place. So long.


One Response to “The clinger in me is active again”

  1. S3rioussam Says:

    But new apartment is also nice-nice.

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