Of Apple Pies and Slices of Cake

I do not remember how it started, but one fine October afternoon, many years ago, I decided I would fast all through Navratris, which are essentially eight nights of f(e)asting  on a fruit diet, and then belting goopy halwa, oily pooris, and spicy chana on the ninth day.

To the uninitiated, this may sound difficult but it is fairly simple. Basically, it works like our legal system – on loopholes and precedence set by the bygone generations.  First, we talk of the loopholes. The rule is to not eat any kind of grain; so no rice, flour, grams, millet and so on. Of course, this includes not eat tamsik food like meat, eggs, onions. For some reason, you cannot eat salt. So what do you eat?

You eat anything not mentioned in the above list. You eat water-chestnut flour, because it is a fruit. You eat sago, peanuts, and you eat rock salt. Because, rock salt is not salt. Understood?

Now, precedence. If your granny did it, so can you! So if your granny had the foresight to eat four times a day and basically be cool, you are set for life!

Having said all that, I somehow fast every year – twice. I starve all day, and then I eat high fat and high carbohydrates dinner. By the ninth day, I have gained at least two kilos.

Today is the fourth day, and I have been managing quite well with the loopholes and such, but it is 5:15 in the evening and I have already finished all work. So of course, I am hungry. The papaya slice and veggie salad (without onions) that I had earlier in the day seem to have been well digested. While I try to ignore the boredom induced hunger, my friend walks past my desk and slips a scrumptious-looking slice of apple pie, wrapped in the silver foil.

I spend next nine minutes, controlling my temptation and decide to pass it on to another colleague. Just as I am about to get up another friend walks to me with a paper-plate poised in her hands. She saved me a slice of cake from the birthday celebration in her team. Sweet. I am loved. Also, hungry and tempted.



4 Responses to “Of Apple Pies and Slices of Cake”

  1. rechristened Says:

    And soon it will be Karva Chauth too 😉

  2. S3rioussam Says:

    So hungryyyyyyyyyy

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