Because everyone must make one happy list for 2010

This was a strange year, full of perplexities and uncertainties. But now that we are counting down to a fresh start again, all seems to fine at the moment, at least. So, on that happy note we shall recount happy things about 2010:

Traveling: As I always say, if you do the right thing on January 1st, you are set for the year. I did the right thing this year by taking a trip to the historical city of Malacca. It set the wheel rolling and I got to visit many other fun places this year. The strongest memories are that of the vast empty roads and snow tipped mountains of Vancouver, the crowded colorful streets and brilliant aroma of breakfast in Taipei, and walking the streets of Hong Kong in drizzle and eating the most delicious dim sums.

Cultural Discovery: I was headed home one evening when I overheard a conversation between two ladies: a Singaporean and a Korean. The Korean lady was new here and listening to her reminded me of a Korean TV show I had bought on sale. This is how I embarked on a journey that helped me discover a thousand new things. Besides many hours of entertainment, I ended up experimenting more with the food, the language, friends, and so on and so forth. I have a handmade traditional hear gear that I was gifted by a Korean girl. And I can cook mean kimchi rice. That’s something, right?

The World of Warcraft: I had played it before, with much gusto too but it was this year that I got totally and completely hooked. It is a stress buster but if I am not careful, it can be the cause of stress as well. But leveling up my Draenei is a thing I look forward to at the end of a hectic work day. And then, Cataclysm awaits. Woohoo!

Finding Home: I house hunted alone this year for reasons beyond control. What seemed like a hefty task became a fascinating chore and has now become something I am proud of. I found a dreamy house that fit our budget and is in a fantastic location. I feel my spirits lift when I step into it every evening. Fingers crossed, of course.

Imogen Heap, Live in Concert: Singapore luckily attracts a lot of interesting entertainers, and if one keeps the eyes and the wallet open, one can indulge in many unique experiences. Some leaves one feeling cheated, and others turn out to be deeply satisfying. Watching Imogen Heap perform live, however, left me feeling enriched. As enriched as one can be by watching others do cool things rather than doing it themselves.

Getting Back to Swimming: The only form of exercise that I enjoy. in fact, it does not feel like exercise to my mind and that is why I love it. Being in water makes me happy and I can feel all my troubled seeping out of my body and dissolving in the pool’s blue water, make it murkier. Although, I am not swimming enough, I plan to swim more often in 2011.

Learning French: I suck at it at the moment, and I never practice during the weekdays. Nevertheless, I am learning. It is invigorating to be in a classroom full of people eager to learn, and it is definitely a good start to my weekends. Here is hoping that I will stick to this and some day, I will make a whole post in French.

Besides these, there are several other beautiful memories that made 2010 special, like helping a dear friend’s parents during her wedding ceremony, celebrating the birthday in Bali with friends, treating the husband to a lavish champagne brunch on his birthday, and spending 72 straight hours with mum.


3 Responses to “Because everyone must make one happy list for 2010”

  1. The Dear Friend Says:

    Indeed you helped a dear friend’s parents. And what a Maid-Of-Honor you were! Love You! Je t’aime ma cherie! 😛

  2. Am impressed babe! I guess 2010 was a success! Here’s to 2011….You’ve earned yourself a regular reader….

  3. rechristened Says:

    Here’s to a super special 2010 🙂

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