The Moving Day

This time, it is work that is moving and let me tell you, I am mighty excited about it. For one, the new place is closer to home. More importantly, it is situated in what I like to call the coffee district. That is self explanatory, I suppose.

However, being a sucker for all things habitual, I shall definitely miss the present location of work. I remember that it was my eleventh day of moving to Singapore in June 2008, when I first stepped my foot into this workplace. There is only one word that can describe what I felt- disappointment. You see, we were living in a sassy service apartment just off the Orchard Road, and the only other office I had seen was the husband’s, situated in the central business district. So in my head, Singapore was all razzle-dazzle and the location of my workplace paled in comparison.

However, I warmed up to it slowly. I discovered those hidden gems of restaurants and coffee shops around, and I found the most amazing cluster of shops that took care of ones daily needs in less than half the price of anywhere else. I realized the convenience of being located on top of an MRT station, and I found Mimi, the most adorable cat.


If you see it five days a week for two years, you'll love it too

So last week, when they started to take off the bay partitions and my office looked more like a factory, the depression set it. It was the same feeling of nostalgia that had set-in in October when we moved houses. So here’s to another bye-bye and to days of good coffee ahead.

Brown Cartons and Pink Ribbons

Taken by surprise, one is amused and the other just dazed

2 Responses to “The Moving Day”

  1. rechristened Says:

    Aww, happens.
    But is the new place more to your expectations?

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