Romance Tadka Maar Ke

After many long and Bollywood-deprived months I have finally feasted, and that too on a brilliant romcom. Very satiating.

Set in the garish but my beloved Delhi, Band Baaja Barat (or Band Trumpet Revelry as the subber put it) tells a sweet story of superbly etched characters. But before I get into the story let me say that this movie changed my opinion about Anushka Sharma from ho-hum ambivalence to much liking. Also, the seemingly dud Ranveer Singh is full of charm and promise.

Shruti Kakkar is a girl with big dreams but acknowledges that they have an expiration date while Bittoo Sharma will do anything to not go back to Saharan Pur and its sugarcane fields. They form a wedding planning company in partnership and try to start from the alleys of Janak Puri convincing the middle class families that they can do a better job than mamas n chachas. Their journey from here to the hoitytoity Sainik Farm weddings is full of moments that I will remember for a long time.

Staying true to their characters throughout, the lead is supported by equally talented supporting cast. With throwaway comments that remind you of the brilliance introduced by Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye; the movie’s most refreshing point is not depending on evil people for conflict. Of course, there are grey characters but they are ceremonious and do not linger. The conflict in the story instead comes from emotions and that is what makes it a splendid romance.

The credit for a truly rare and very natural handling of the kiss and the next-morning-awkwardness scenes goes to the director Maneesh Sharma. He filled the first half with many strong yet real moments like the encounter in the U-special and discussing the future of the company. The director does not resort to the clichéd tricks to show the audience the bubbling romance, you can spot it if you pay attention but if you don’t, you will have “oh, of course!” moments later. Just like in real life. There were scenes that reminded me of watching my close friends falling in love with each other.

The music maybe ordinary as a standalone entity but it gels with the mood of the film and adds to the vivaciousness of it all. In the end, you walk out smiling and feeling good about life. Now isn’t that what romcoms are all about?


4 Responses to “Romance Tadka Maar Ke”

  1. Just love the background… !and after yourversion of the movie review now i gotta watch it 🙂 movie…

  2. I cant seem to get a good print of this movie. gotta watch. Which friends are you talking about?

  3. sunshin3girl Says:

    A couple of friends; your husband and you are one of them. 😉
    PS: The girl dresses up and talks exactly like our Charu.

  4. Hee!! Ok, now I can comment about this movie. LOVED LOVED it. Not just because their office is set in PASCHIM VIHAR (!!) and their weddings are in Janakpuri. But as you said — the boy, the girl, her clothes, the love-ship(!) — everything is SO real. So Delhi. And a very nicely made romantic film. And for once, the girl does not get pregnant from a one-night stand!

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