The Love Shows

In the last fifteen or so days, I have watched this video every single day. Truthiness.

The music, the frames, the minimal but memorable dialogues – all combine to make a force so strong that I keep coming back. I have stopped judging movies by their trailers; we shall cross that bridge when we get there but this, ladies and gentlemen, is one heck of a trailer. It has the promise of thrill, drama, suspense, and loads of entertainment. Plus, it leaves you calling everyone darrrrling.

I just wish Priyanka Chopra had waited before doing that imprudent zodiac film; I would have been more impressed by her here. However, stereotypes not withstanding, she looks brilliant here. Annu Kapur’s nincompoopness, Naseer’s horniness, and Usha Uthup’s boldly beautiful voice, all things impress. I am almost giddy with excitement awaiting the release. Now when did that happen last?

Here’s hoping the movie is stickier than Vishal Bhardwaj’s last.


One Response to “The Love Shows”

  1. you are right the trailer looks amazing! Its a must watch. It releases on 18th Feb. So brace on!!

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