Of hurried endings || Dexter Season 5

I have always been a big fan of the show. From the day when I first watched the beautifully crafted opening credits of Dexter season 1 on my tiny Creative Zen screen in 2007, I have followed the show religiously. I have marveled and critiqued the happenings, the growth of characters and the twisted crime scene of Miami over the last five seasons. Nevertheless, I have loved every moment of it.

Season 5 also had me gripped although it took the first three – four episodes to get me into the mood, I was not disappointed. Until the last ten minutes of the season finale happened.

I cannot help but think that someone was in a hurry to wrap up the season. Such a pity.

Dexter and His Irish Super-Nanny

The story took off fabulously after the huge shock of death of Rita. Dexter’s character was broken and conflicted, and he does things that not only break Harry’s code but also, make the audience shudder. Quinn is suspicious and reminds us of the good old Doakes. There is a lot of emotional drama thrown in thanks to the supporting cast and we see Dexter slowly evolve and respond to the people around him. And then, Lumen happens.

While the gorgeous Julia Stiles adds to the season’s mystery and motivation, she also acts as a catalyst for Dexter to rediscover his dark passenger, and passion for the kill that he seemed to have lost with the inability to avenge Rita’s death. To top all of this, there is Jordan Chase, played awesomely by Jonny Lee Miller. It is a much layered character that could put your best onion to shame. Slowly with every passing episode we unveil his layers in the most fascinating ways.

Then, why am I complaining? For this is a rant in disguise of a fanboy post.

Everything was fine until episode 12, but in the last 30 minutes, so much went wrong:

First, they wasted Jordan Chase. The most convoluted character of all times, his motivation is almost clear to the audience. He is the reason behind the entire season and the most heinous crimes, but in the end he seems to be turned into a crazed maniac with misplaced self-esteem. There was more to the character, and I could sense it. I just wish they had shown it a little more.

Second, Jordan Chase was the man of routines. Wasn’t the entire show based on this understanding? Then how on earth could he kill Emily and leave her corpse on the crime scene? He would never do that!!

Third, Lumen had to go. I fully understand. Besides the fact stated by my husband that the show wouldn’t be able to pay someone like Julia Stiles as a permanent actor, the story and the characterization demands that she moves away. However, I refuse to believe someone could do that in a span of 12 hours! Dexter saved her life numerous times, he helped her take revenge, and they were intimate and more. After all this, it took her 12 hours to pack her bags and leave? I would much rather have seen her leaving in the flashback in the first few episodes of season 6. I mean, they just made her seem like a manipulating selfish bitch.

Having said all this, I am still in love with the show and will eagerly await September 2011.


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