♥ Tokyo – III

We were lucky to be in Japan on the day of the bean-throwing festival. It is the first day of the lunar year when people throw beans to drive away the evil and bring in the good luck.

It’s called setsubun in Japanese and as per the Internet, traditinally, people throw roasted soy beans at home, shouting “oni wa so to” (get out demons) and “fu ku wa uchi” (come in happiness.) These beans are called fuku mame (fortune beans.) It is believed that people can be healthy and happy if they pick up and eat fuku mame the number equal to their ages. Also, people eat ehou-maki (sushi) for good luck.

We landed at the Sensoji shrine in the morning and saw the priests walk down to the main area of the shrine, complete with a lantern parade.

Later, the priests threw beans at the people, who had gathered eagerly to catch the beans.

I got one too!!


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  1. is that your palm? Looks very different.

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