Of the fanatics

Everyone says we are a cricket crazy nation but I know exactly one person who sits down to watch the state-level cricket matches with only the national channel airs. Him, and the friends and family of the players, maybe. However, we cannot let this take away the fact that the nation loves the eleven men in blue who represent India. Never mind that they are more of a BCCI team than an Indian team. We love them, more so when they reach the finals of the world cup or even better, win it.

The Final Shot

No, I am not being cynical. I am one of them! I watch cricket only when those eleven men do something big enough to take away my attention from the other pop happenings around me. I was glued to the screen for the last two matches of the World Cup 2011, and I was every bit exhilarated by the outcome. However, I never thought “we won!”

Nevertheless, soon as the captain hit his splendid sixer, my cellphone started beeping with congratulatory texts. I had been sitting on my ass for close to nine hours, sipping Corona and munching nachos, and all of a sudden I needed to be congratulated!

Sunday morning, I made the usual calls to the two moms and both congratulated me. Monday morning, I walked into my workplace and each one of my Indian colleague congratulated me. I must have been really amazing with this sitting-on-my-lazy-ass business, I suppose.

To quote Seinfeld “They Won – You Watched.”

All the same, all these people who are congratulating each other not being frivolous. When the game is on, each of these people tries his or her best to win it. They put their heart and soul into it; hell, sometimes they even commit suicide if those men in blue disappoint them.

Aamir Khan wears his lucky tee that won us the semis against Pakistan.
My mom refuses to look at the television screen when a player is on a good streak.
My friend continues to repeat the same words that she was speaking when Gautam Gambhir hit a boundary.
My colleague rings up a specific person exactly five minutes before the toss.

The list is endless. It is amazing the way we are wired when it comes to this sport which is not even acknowledged as a sport by half of the world. And now that India has won another world cup, the fanaticism can only grow. While it would be fantastic if we could develop such a unanimous feeling towards another sport or one of the important issues plaguing our economy or society, at least there is one thing which unites the nation, regardless of the flippancy.


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  1. Who is that one person?

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