Team Khaleesi

Ever since I started watching Game of Thrones, I have wished to write about it but I lack the skill and patience to describe something so layered. It is a fantastic epic from the very first frame, having not read the books, I have nothing to complain. I simply devour each character, story, and scene as it comes.

Many characters are to be loved, many hated, but hardly any to be ignored. While there are way too many story arcs and characters, and I can hardly remember the names of some, but no scene is meaningless. Every word uttered has a reason to be present and one realizes this later – a minute later, a week later, sometimes a month later. It’s beautiful, this well-crafted show.

From commencement of the epic, my favorite character was Arya – so determined, so strong, and yet extremely innocent. I also have been in dread of Joffery, whom I detest so much that it is unbelievable he hasn’t hurt me personally. Others like King Robert, Catelyn Stark, the Lanniester siblings couldn’t be ignored either. Also, the Targaryen siblings, how could I be ambivalent of them? And of course, true to girlhood, I like the brooding Snow too. However, as the first season culminated the choice of a one favorite character become simple. With the last scene of season finale, I have to say that I am not onboard Team Khaleesi!

This image could be considered a spoiler, but I really do not care.


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