Book Review: Man and Boy by Tony Parsons

This is a heartwarming book by Tony Parsons which recites the tale of a father discovering parenthood and also, learning to love his own father in the process.

Leaving Nick Hornby aside, I do not know of many male authors who describe relationships and emotions so well. Tony Parsons writes with emotions, and in between those witty one liners and the British humor, one finds oneself dabbing the eyes.

This is a story of Harry Silver who lives in London with his gorgeous wife, adorable son, and a great career in the media. However, one bad day at work leads to an impromptu night of infidelity, with which Harry loses it all – his beautiful wife, his successful job, and the life he knows.

His wife leaves to live a life she gave up to be with Harry, and thus begins Harry’s journey to discover what parenthood is all about. He slowly discovers it takes more than welcome hugs and joyrides to bring up a little boy and struggles daily to keep his son healthy and happy.

His parents as his only support system also come closer to him in the process, and Harry finds himself striving to be the father his dad was, in vein.

Finding a new job that allows him the time to for his son, finding new love, letting go of the old one, and making his son center of his universe all provide the magical twists to the tale.

Extremely well-written with many strong characters that come to life on the pages, the book will give you many laughs and a few sobs, but it is worth every minute spent on it.


2 Responses to “Book Review: Man and Boy by Tony Parsons”

  1. Sounds like an interesting read.

    • sunshin3girl Says:

      It took me by surprise. I did not expect such lucid writing on relationships and emotions when I first picked up the book. Give it a shot. There is a 10-years-later sequel to it as well, but it’s optional. (:

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