City Hunter: The Climax We Loved

Unexpectedly, for a short while, I got a life. Therefore, updates, posts, and reviews took a backseat. Happily, the flipside of getting a life is that it enables you to gather loads of fodder for future posts. Many life-altering incidents happened – an impromptu trip to Paris, culmination of City Hunter, discovering another gem by Murakami, switch from French to Korean classes, and some other such brilliance. However, we shall start with the end, and talk about City Hunter today.

After a long time, I have watched a drama that left me satisfied. The K-hunger has been substantially satiated after my heart almost stopped beating for a few minutes in the last episode, and also in the second last. It is not only because of the ever-cute Lee Min Ho, (who by the way is now officially dating the lead actress from City Hunter, Park Min Young, fondly known as Nana Bear, thanks to Javanbeans) but also because of sleekness of the show. The music, the shots, and the story’s twists were pretty suave.

The first episode had left my mind fully blown, and though I thought that third episode took a dip, it quickly picked up my interest again. For one, the show struck impeccable balance between the drama, romance, and anticipation. The characters are few, but mostly strongly etched. Almost always, every scene had a purpose, and yet, it was hard to predict what happened next.

The best part about the show was that there was no “Eight Years Later” in the last 20 minutes of the final episode. Also, no one fled to a foreign land to nurse their broken heart; two of my biggest pet peeves in K-dramas.

Maybe I am blinded by the hotness, but Lee Min Ho seems to mature as an actor with every passing drama, and I found myself looking forward to solo scenes of Park Min Young too, so she is pretty engaging as an actor. Also, Lee Jun Hyuk as the second lead (?) and the third angle of the romantic triangle was like a breeze. He had character and principles; he wasn’t just another guy to begin with. Also, the way they wrapped up his story was magnificent. Although, we do not like deaths, but when shown so convincingly, it was almost glorious.

Of course, Kim Sang Jung is the real gray character of the series, with shades of evilness, ruthlessness, and yet, inspiring sympathy once in a while. Gratefully, no one was wicked just for the sake of it; either they hungered for power, or for money, but they all had a clear motive behind their acts. Of course, all this makes for a strong plot.

I also liked the way they subtly wrapped up the Cheon Ho Jin’s angle. No dramatic scenes of hugging the son whose existence you were unaware of until ten minutes back, no weeping and wailing over the long-lost true love. Thumbs up for that.

All in all, a great show. Maybe even my most favorite so far.


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