The joy-filled, action-packed Rayman Originis

It was a weeknight and we had exhausted our daily quota of the fantastic Parks and Recreation episodes, so the husband casually suggested if I was up for the new game he picked up for PS3 recently. Since it is a co-op and there were still about 30 minutes before I usually hit the bed, I said OK.


What ensued were the most fun-filled 60 minutes of the entire week, entire month even. Rayman Origins is the adventure of two friends – the limbless Rayman and his blue floppy friend, Globox. They are in an blissfully picturesque world, which in fact is up to its eyeballs in mess. There is a fuss everywhere the two head, but it is your job, of course, to save all those creatures who need help. There is trouble at every corner, every slope, and every dip. But there is nothing that the two friends cannot conquer together. In fact, if one of the player dies, all they need to do is float up close to the other player, who can punch him back to life. How brilliant!


The two have many other cutsie friends, all colorful, joyous and up for a challenge. They sprint around saving damsels in distress, and collecting happy things called Lums that count as points in form of cute pinkys called Electoons to unlock next level. Be it a friend or foe, all have such a colorful appeal that one just gets completely lost in the world. Plus the music is brilliantly done to ensure one stays hooked subconsciously asking for more of those happy sounds, along with the lavish images.


What I love about the game is that I cam play it with the husband, who is a way better gamer than me, without getting in his way. In most other co-ops I have played, I usually find myself slowing him down and have this guilt of ruining the perfect experience for him. Not with Rayman Origins, I always have my own space and even if I do something silly, it is more comical than annoying for him. Of course, sometimes I just stop mid-adventure and punch the living daylights out of him, in-game. This way I can get over my vexation on him for not having picked up that wet towel, without being accused of domestic violence. 😉


Collecting Lums and Electoons help unlock newer levels, each more fascinating than the last. One just keeps wanting to go on and on. Just talking about it wants me to drop everything and play a round of fun fun fun.


2 Responses to “The joy-filled, action-packed Rayman Originis”

  1. Do you still carry your Nintendo portable gaming console (can’t remember if it was a DS or GBA, or both) in your handbag while traveling?

  2. sunshin3girl Says:

    It used to be a DS, but now my travel time is much reduced. Also, there is a kindle and a smart phone. How many gadgets can a handbag hold after all? 😀

    I play mostly on the computer these days. This one is on PS3. Portable gaming is now limited to games like Plants Vs. Zombie.

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